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Amsterdam Technology Miniscanner for Spot Weld/Rivet Scanning

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  • Amsterdam Technology by has combined the quality of ultrasonic immersion scanning systems with the practical benefits of handheld instruments by developing a new strongly miniature instrument .
  • First in the world Amsterdam Technology by introduces the “Mini Scanner” a handheld high resolution ultrasonic scanning system with full A-scan and C-scan presentations.The inspection instrument, with software based meets the performance of an immersion tank scanning system ,when a small area is to be inspected. It consists of a small sized handheld scanner with a portable ultrasonic control unit, containing an 8”” touch screen panel.
  • The handheld scanner can simply be placed on a test object, i.e. a spot weld and the A-scan is displayed. Press the scan button and after a few seconds a complete C-scan is presented on screen.

Mini-Scanner Highlights

  • Portable system
  • Standard scan area 10 x 20 mm ( 0.4 x 0.8 Inch)
  • Scan time < 5 seconds, Direct C-scan presentation
  • Standard scan resolution 0.1 x 0.1 mm
  • Just a small amount of gel as couplant needed
  • Applications data can be stored
  • Additional USB devices like keypad or mouse are possible
  • Data exchangeable by both USB and Wifi

Mini-Scanner Capabilities

  • Shape Of Spot Weld Nugget
  • Nugget Diameter Measurement
  • Thickness of the Spot-Weld
  • Weld plate Thickness Measurement
  • Size of the Defect
  • Depth of the Defect
  • Width of the Weld Line etc.