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Easy Measure Noise Detector

  • Measuring is Easy!
  • Little Set Up: can be used as soon as you buy it.
  • Simple: anyone can use it.
  • Portable: you can use it anywhere.


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Heading Value
Main unit(4ch) XI-NT10A:1
Vibration Sensor Magnet&Cable 5m:4sets
Head phone 1
Power supply AA size battery×4 , DC12V×1



  • The Noise Detector is powerful tool that uses a high-performance vibration sensor to determine the source of noise in vehicles.
  • Ordinarily, identifying the cause of noise is a very time-consuming task. And diagnosing noise that occurs when the vehicle is running is especially difficult, even for the most experienced mechanic.
  • The Noise Detector features a sophisticated vibration sensor and LED lamps that let you visualize the cause of noise, and detect its source with accuracy and speed.
  • Compact and convenient, it is a must-have tool for mechanics in any country.



  • LED lamps to visualize noise levels simultaneously on 4 channels, making it easier to identify the source of noise.
  • High-performance vibration sensor capable of detecting a wide range of sounds,from low to high frequency.
  • Adjustable gain so you can be sure not to miss even the smallest noises.
  • Includes a 5 meter cable enabling you to diagnose the entire vehicle.
  • Dual power options: can operate off a cigarette lighter plug or 4 AA batteries.
  • Compact, lightweight, and convenient, it is easily portable and can be stored in your tool wagon.
  • CE marking certified.



Main Unit Input No. of Input Point 4
Input connector BNC
Input Special Vibration Sensor
Power supply for vibration sensor 24V/5mA constant current source
Filter Filter HPF? 10Hz, Type,Butterworth,2nd order
LPF? 10kHz, Type,Butterworth,2nd order
Bar Graph Display 10 LED dots
Display mode Switches 2 modes: peak-level hold / current level
Display index Logarithm display
Time to hold peak-level Approx.1 minute
Analog Output No. of output point 4
Output form Single end? Power output
Headphone Output No. of output point One each on left and right
Output channel Select separate channels for each left and right
Adjustment of output Adjust volume with a dial for both left and right
Other Power supply AA size battery x 4 or DC 12V
Battery Status Displayed with LED
Size W 1 – 100 – H 150 – S 40mm, Approx.450 g
Sensor Sensitivity 5m V/G
Length of cable 5m BNC
Size 15 11.5mm 6g